Devi Titus | Author

Devi Titus, wife of Larry Titus since 1964, is a renowned global conference speaker and author. Her life-passion is to restore the dignity and sanctity of the home in the way men and women think about the home in relationship to the human heart. Devi’s famous quote is: “Home is where the heart is formed.” Her communication skills extend into writing and publishing unique books with a supportive message to her mission. Her public speaking moves audiences, raises a standard, and impacts nations. 

Devi founded VIRTUE magazine and received the Superior Performance Award by the Women’s Washington Press Association in 1978. Her voice has been heard for many years and now she has millions of echoes. 

Devi has served on prestigious boards and is the CEO of Kingdom Global Ministries, a non-profit organization designed to connect and grow people into their life-mission. They serve in 21 nations. 

She is the mother of two children, Trina Titus Lozano, and Dr. Aaron P. Titus. She has six grandchildren and ten great-grandchildren. Devi and Larry reside in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. 

Devi loves life and it has been said about her, “You don’t just meet Devi, you experience her.” 

Trina Titus Lozano | Contributor

Trina, wife of James Lozano since 1983, is an ordained Christian minister and a pastoral counselor. Trina’s passion is to see people maximize their potential, claim their true identity and live in victory. 

Trina is the daughter of Devi and Larry Titus and currently works with them at Kingdom Global Ministries. Trina is the creator of Wait, the Smart Choice an abstinence education curriculum for public and private schools and taught this course for 20 years. She also taught as an adjunct professor of Home Economics, The Home Experience Course, at Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas. 

Trina is a provider for Together in Texas premarital counseling and is certified through Marriage on the Rock. She is the author of ABC’s, Absolute Basic Criteria for Positive-Results Parenting and enjoys preaching and teaching internationally. She is vulnerable and candid, and her messages apply to real-life issues. 

Trina is the mother of four grown children, Brooke Sailer, Brandon Lozano, Brittany White, and Bryson Lozano and has ten grandchildren all who reside in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas. It has been said about Trina, “When she enters a room, she fills it with joy. Trina turns the ordinary into a party.”