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Do You Know What Your Home Really Needs to Thrive?

Home is where the heart is formed.
— Devi Titus

Introducing the new edition of the book Home Experience—Making Your Home a Place of Love and Peace by Devi Titus with daughter, Trina Titus Lozano.

The Home Experience is one of the most important books I have ever read. It has influenced the trajectory of my choices as a wife, mother, homemaker and woman in a way that few other resources have.
— Priscilla Shirer
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Devi Titus


Devi Titus, wife of Larry Titus since 1964, is a renowned global conference speaker and author. Her life-passion is to restore the dignity and sanctity of the home in the way men and women think about the home in relationship to the human heart. Devi’s famous quote is: “Home is where the heart is formed.”

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Trina Titus Lozano


Trina is the daughter of Devi and Larry Titus and currently works with them at Kingdom Global Ministries. Trina is the creator of Wait, the Smart Choice an abstinence education curriculum for public and private schools and taught this course for 20 years. She also taught as an adjunct professor of Home Economics, The Home Experience Course, at Christ For the Nations Institute in Dallas, Texas.

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About the Book

This full color coffee table style book is both motivating to read and a mentoring curriculum to use.


  • a guide to understand essential life principles
  • an orientation to learn vital relationship skills
  • a reference of timeless biblical truths
  • a manual of homemaking skills

Churches across America and around the world have been using the HOME EXPERIENCE as a women's ministry curriculum.

A complete teaching video series is available for pre-order to accompany the book. It can be used for personal or group study.

A free study guide will be available for download.

Learn. Apply. Experience.


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Home Experience Book

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Home Experience Video Series

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Priscilla Shirer

Bible Teacher & Author | Dallas, TX

“The Home Experience is one of the most important books I have ever read. It has influenced the trajectory of my choices as a wife, mother, homemaker and woman in a way that few other resources have. The principles that Devi Titus shares will bring fresh air and new life into the most barren and desolate places – not only in a home but also in a human heart. Get this book. Read it. And then implement its practical principles as consistently and intentionally as you can.”


Holly Wagner

Author, Pastor, Founder of GodChicks Oasis Church | Los Angeles, CA

“Devi Titus is one of the loveliest people I have had the privilege of meeting! Her love for home, for family and for making everything beautiful is just contagious! Enjoy this gorgeous book!”

Jimmy _ Karen photo.jpg

Jimmy & Karen Evans

Marriage Today | Southlake, TX

“Devi & Larry Titus are a dynamic couple both in their marriage and their leadership. They have personally impacted our lives. Devi has been a faithful voice to women, raising a standard of biblical home values in many nations. The example of her life and family is one that others can trust and follow. Women in today’s world desperately need this book to equip them to make their homes, marriages, and families stronger.”


Nancy DeMoss

Author, Teacher & Host | Revive Our Hearts
Niles, MI

"Devi is a dear friend. I am always encouraged and blessed by her infectious love for Christ and the joyful way she reflects His beauty and grace. In HOME EXPERIENCE, Devi comes alongside women as a mentor and friend, offering seasoned, practical, biblical wisdom to help us showcase the loveliness of Christ in and through our homes.”

Cindy Jacobs_02.jpg

Dr. Cindy Jacobs

Author & Speaker | Generals International | Dallas, TX

“Devi Titus has given us solutions to the biggest sector of society in crisis—the family! This book needs to be read by every father and mother in the nation and those who have a family that needs to be healed.”

Tony _ Lois Evans.jpg

Drs. Lois & Tony Evans

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship & The Urban Alternative | Dallas, TX

“Devi Titus has been a friend of our family and ministry for over 25 years. We wholeheartedly believe in her mission to restore the dignity and sanctity of the home. Lois and I, as well as our family and those we influence, have been personally impacted by her biblical revelation about the home. We are confident you will be also.”

Ana Paula-1.jpg

Ana Paula Bessa

Worship Artist, Speaker & Author | Before The Throne Worship

“Devi Titus has greatly impacted the women in my home nation, Brazil. She has devoted over 7 years in travels, conferences and in relationships that have brought a true underground revolution. The HOME EXPERIENCE is a powerful way to carry on her wisdom. I'm so excited that Trina Titus Lozano has partnered in this edition! Her testimony and skills as a Family Counselor are amazing!”


Debbie and Robert Morris

Founding Senior Pastors | Gateway Church Southlake, TX

“For the past ten years, we’ve used the HOME EXPERIENCE in our church to teach women about the importance of guiding their lives with biblical principles and having table experiences with their families. In her new and expanded book, Devi reminds us of the power and beauty of making homes a place of love and peace and sharing meals around the table with those we love.”

Becky Hennesy

Becky Hennesy

Co-Pastor & Teacher | Trinity Church
Cedar Hill, TX

“A woman’s heart is drawn to beauty, but we often fall for the lie that we fall short and can never be quite “enough”. Devi’s book, HOME EXPERIENCE, dismantles that lie and replaces it with the truth; you are enough, and you have all you need to give beauty, love, and care to those closest to you. This beautiful book is more than mere words – it is living hope for the woman who longs to be the tender strength she was created to be.”


Julissa Rivera

Spanish Worship Artist, Speaker & Author

“Devi Titus is a woman who impacts you with her beautiful smile, spirit and personality the very moment you meet her. Her book, HOME EXPERIENCE, is an absolute treasure! It's not just a beautiful book aesthetically – as it is truly a work of art – but a book that is full of Godly wisdom. She has understood the calling of passing this on to my generation. HOME EXPERIENCE has captured my heart, as I’m sure it will capture yours. It truly is a must have for every woman, wife and daughter!”


Joni Lamb

Co-founder, Author & Speaker
Daystar Television Network | Dallas, TX

“The dynamic of family time has taken a turn within the last ten years, and many are suffering from this demise. I’m so thrilled that Devi has revitalized her HOME EXPERIENCE to challenge the comfortable and enlighten the unknowing. I have seen in my personal family the value in taking time to create a peaceful atmosphere through Godly principles that never change.”


Donna Gaines

Wife of Pastor Steve Gaines & Author | Bellevue Baptist Church | Memphis, TN

Devi Titus has mastered the art of the home. She reorients us to the biblical and relational value of our homes rather than focusing on being Pinterest worthy. She is a shining example of the transforming power of a Christ-honoring woman. I highly recommend her book and her ministry!”


Jan & Tom Lane

Authors, Speakers | Gateway Church
Southlake, TX

“We live in a day when the home, as the safe and peaceful environment for nurturing and development, has been forgotten and devalued. In her book, HOME EXPERIENCE, Devi Titus is raising the dignity and significance of every home. She gives insight and practical guidance for establishing the home environment that God intended when He established the family. We can’t think of a more important or timely instruction for the day in which we live. It is a must read and application for every home!”

Chrystal Evans Hurst.jpg

Chrystal Evans Hurst

Bible Teacher & Author | Dallas, TX

“Devi Titus has committed her life to teaching others how to have a life-giving home. Devi’s practical and powerful wisdom is deeply rooted in biblical principles and fleshed out through years of her own experience. The new release of the HOME EXPERIENCE will have a marked impact on how women view their homes and will prepare them to make a significant influence on future generations.”

Thelma Wells (Mama T)

Speaker, Author, Professor & Mentor A Woman of God Ministries – Dallas, TX

“When I want a beautiful book about the home, I always look for one that is authored by Devi Titus. This book is what I need to satisfy my desire to make my home a fortress of love and peace for my growing family. Go slowly through the pages and see if you don’t feel eloquent, relaxed and caressed while selecting your families’ surroundings for a powerful legacy of beauty and love in your house!”

Nancy Schulze

Speaker | Washington, D.C.

“Devi Titus has hit the heart of women in a beautifully artistic and grace-filled way as she develops her wise and true premise, “Home is where human hearts are formed.” Our homes, our culture and our country will be enriched for heeding Devi’s insights on the importance of prioritizing home, heart and hospitality. True to her namesake, Devi Titus has taken the “Titus 2” mandate seriously. Her willingness to teach what is good - with clarity, simplicity and beauty - has the power to guide, help and heal American homes.”


Susie Hawkins

Bible Study Teacher, Author & Speaker Dallas, TX

“I am delighted that Devi Titus is re-releasing her classic book, the HOME EXPERIENCE. It is biblically strong, full of fun, practical and creative ideas and is simply beautiful. The title says it all - the Christian home was meant to be a place of human flourishing, and Devi and her daughter, Trina, show us how to make that happen. Every woman should have this book!”


Jeana Floyd

Wife of Pastor Ronnie Floyd | Cross Church
Fayetteville, AR

"I’ve learned from, gifted, and shared the HOME EXPERIENCE so many times! And now, I’m looking forward to another opportunity to learn, glean, and share the new HOME EXPERIENCE!”

Tomern and -1.jpg

Bishop Kenneth Ulmer and Togetta Ulmer

Faithful Central Bible Church | Los Angeles, CA

“Devi Titus invites you to cross the threshold of the holy home, sit at the teaching table and commune with Host of Hosts in a practical and inspiring setting of revelation, power and unity. The HOME EXPERIENCE is an invitation to a holy experience of one of the most common gathering places of Jesus - not the synagogue, not even the Temple, but the "table". Accept God’s personal invitation, RSVP and watch Him change your life and strengthen your family.